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New wish list item, prospective home buyers now want the ultimate man cave

Steve Kuzj

10:50 PM, Sep 26, 2012
FOX 10 News |

 SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Right now, the valley is the place to be for sports fans. The Pro Bowl is being played tonight, later this week, the Phoenix Open kicks off and the Super Bowl just a week away. But not everyone can see these events in person, so why not watch all of these upcoming games from the comfort of your very own ‘man cave’?
Man caves are gaining in popularity. In fact, real estate experts say many prospective home buyers have started asking for them.
Ty Brennan shows us one North Scottsdale man’s favorite room in the house.
Pool table – check.
TV’s – check.
Sports memorabilia – check.
Full bar – check.
This is the ultimate man cave.
“The man cave is a hot new trend in real estate right now,” says Christine Espinoza with Home Smart Real Estate. “It’s quickly replacing the movie theater room and it’s becoming more of a multi-use room.”
“Is why really a question?” asks Rob Barrett, a local man cave owner. “I think every guy wants a man cave; a place where they can hang out with their buddies, play poker, play pool, play darts [and] watch all the games.”
For Rob Barrett and his entire family this room has quickly become their favorite room in the house.
“I think if I say it’s just a man cave, my wife will get upset,” says Barrett.
It has all of his favorite sports memorabilia, a comfy place to sit and TV screens around the room to catch multiple games at the same time.
Real estate professionals say man caves have become the ‘it’ item on many prospective buyers’ wish lists.
It not only provides a fun place within your home for the whole family to gather, but could also boost your home’s values, which is a win-win for many homeowners.