Wait, you’re telling me you don’t know what you’d like for your new kitchen remodel?

…OK, I’ll give you a pass. Makes sense, honestly… I mean, kitchens are totally different than the living room, bathroom or your incredible Master bedroom, even.

The kitchen is the true white elephant of the remodeling process.

In your living you room, you, well, sit, watch TV, play a little pool, maybe. You know, relax— that’s its purpose, right?

And the bedroom… well, I’ll leave what you do in there for behind closed doors!

So the question is, ”What makes a kitchen both beautiful and functional?”

What features make the “perfect kitchen,” in terms of design, layout, spacing, utility and comfort?

…Continue reading this week’s post, and get some design ideas for your next kitchen remodeling project!

Kitchen Design… Wait, Isn’t My Kitchen Just For Cooking?

Yes, your kitchen is certainly the room for cooking, but consider how many hours you and your family spend in there every day.

If you’re like most homeowners who hire us, you most likely have children who not only eat in the kitchen, but rely on the space for homework time, arts & crafts, leisure reading, and much, much more.

To only consider where your appliances will be, like stoves, dishwashers and sinks, would be a huge missed opportunity, since the kitchen operates as a multi-purpose room, typically where your family, again, ends up spending most of their time.

So why not go the extra mile, and transform your old, “utilitarian” space into an enjoyable, relaxing AND practical environment for all occasions?

A Run-Down of How to Create The Perfect Kitchen

At Apollo Builders, we love lists.

Much like a well-designed kitchen, a thorough and scannable breakdown— or “checklist”— of design elements makes for a fast, fun read, and quickly ignites ideas for the DIY remodeler, or customers who can’t quite decide what to request for their project.

Here’s just a few crucial elements to consider for your newly designed kitchen:

    • Doors – Doors, doors, doors. If you are choosing to replace your cabinets then selecting a traditional door to a transitional or modern style door will help determine your style and direction for your new remodel. If you decide to just give your cabinets a face-­lift then refacing, staining or painting them is another great option. Also Custom Mahogany, with crisp clear-coat, or glass fronts, with fancy handles for all tastes and style. Tons of selections.


    • Drawers – Aren’t you tired of not knowing what you stored in the back of your cabinet? Don’t just place above your cabinet doors. Many clients are now replacing all of their doors with drawers and or doors with pull-­outs. Not only do they have well constructed, interlocking dovetail drawer boxes. We now make sure each drawer has “soft-close” gliders for silent closing (even when the kids slam them!). The depth, length, even handles— these all “make or break” beauty and functionality.


    • Pull Outs – While you’re at it, go with pull-out cabinets, to really optimize kitchen storage space. Pull-out cutting boards; “hidden” drawers underneath; deep-storage pull outs that “fold into themselves,” or within cabinet doors… The options here are endless.


    • Trash Cans – Why not pull out your kitchen trash can too? …Trashcans are eyesores, so place into your new design a cabinet designated solely for a trash pull­out that has both a recycle and regular trash can. This also makes it easy when cleaning off the dishes: you don’t have to worry about dripping messes all over the floor.


    • Spice Racks – Convenient, nearly “hidden,” pull-out spice racks can fit just about anywhere you’d like. Don’t just go for the standard lazy Susan… Maybe a wing-out spice cabinet is the design of your dreams.


    • Cabinet Lights – Now here’s where you can control “the atmosphere” of your kitchen. In addition to recessed and tracked lighting, under-cabinet lighting really adds to the whole kitchen experience. …And why wouldn’t you want to show off your beautiful mosaic or glass backsplash?


    • Disposals – With all the advancements you’re making to your kitchen, there’s no need for an extra wall switch to activate your disposal. Instead, go for an air switch, that complements your sink… When the family comes over for dinner parties, they’ll ask, in awe,”Wait, what’s that!?” Great functionality and design with this one.


  • Countertops – …And finally, your countertops. Quartz, granite, wood, marble, stainless steel, glass, concrete, soapstone… Now that’s a lot of materials to choose from. Not to mention islands, with another full sink… The kitchen countertop is the cornerstone (no pun intended!) of the design process. And we couldn’t love all the available styles and options more.

…Did we miss anything you think is vital to the improvement of your kitchen’s beauty, function and overall design?

If so, leave a friendly comment below— we’d love to hear your thoughts, too!

And tune in for our next blog post, where we’ll provide an overview of bathroom remodeling & renovations…