Apollo Services & Our Process

Because of the unique nature of construction and its demands, Apollo remains specialized and “hands-on.” We understand the ultimate success of any project rests on the level of service and attention to detail provided throughout the building process. How we build is simply who we are. The variety of services offered range from modest updates to highly detailed and extensive renovations, including custom additions and new builds. Collaborating with accomplished architects and extraordinary designers enable Apollo to make any discerning client’s most challenging dreams come true. With hundreds of local craftspeople and professional workshops available, Apollo knows which fabricator to procure – assembling highly qualified teams tailored for each project. Apollo not only knows what to do – we have been there.


Every project whether a bathroom remodel or a custom home-build requires detailed scheduling, coordination, and management of all facets of a complex building process. With Apollo, clients can depend on a well-educated team practiced in the art of building and the business of construction management. Collectively, we have a comprehensive knowledge of building procedures and practices combined with executive oversight, project management, and administrative staff organized to provide personal service to each project.


Making well-informed decisions early in the planning stages are essential to the success of every project. Apollo works closely with the client, architect, and designer to provide cost analysis where needed to create a balance between the scope of work and budget. Securing the best subcontractors for the job while researching and procuring long-lead time products, ensures installation to meet scheduled timelines. Apollo knows that what we build is up to the client and developing that trust early in the building process is paramount to a long-term relationship and our most valued goal.


Apollo maintains supervision throughout construction phase – securing permits, overseeing schedules, inspections, and ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship – while maintaining budgets. As modifications occur during the construction process, managing timelines and client budgets remain a top priority. Apollo assures its clients constant communication with scheduled meetings and reports. Understanding client privacy and neighbors is a trademark of Apollo’s service, as is the advance knowledge of all ordinances pertaining to construction and remodeling within specific communities.


Superior service does not end with the completion of a project. Apollo will be available to answer any questions and address any concerns that may arise. We will supply all manuals provided by manufacturers, warranties and any vital information for the care and maintenance of your new products and property. We are grateful to bring individual dreams to life and look forward to doing so for many years to come.

Apollo Green Initiatives

At Apollo, we believe that environmentally conscious and energy efficient construction improves the lives of the homeowner and the surrounding environment. Building smart means not only designing a beautiful home but also one that is responsible. We are committed to remodeling and building homes that will reduce environmental impact, lower homeowner utility costs and provide a healthier home for you and your family. Some of the features you will see in our work include:

  • Site planning to take advantage of natural sunlight, and shading
  • Resource efficient wall framing and insulation techniques
  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems
  • ENERGY STAR, energy efficient appliances and lighting
  • Solar electric and solar thermal systems
  • Systems and products to improve indoor air quality
  • Recycled and sustainable building products
  • Smart Home systems that allow home owners to monitor and control lighting, irrigation, heating and cooling systems
  • Use of low or no VOC cabinets, paints, flooring and other products
  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Landscaping with native and drought tolerant plants plus water conserving irrigation


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