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Which remodeling tricks will make you most when selling your home?

Steve Kuzj

10:50 PM, Sep 26, 2012


PHOENIX – With many people tight on money, instead of buying new homes these days, lots are remodeling their current homes.We talked to some of Arizona’s top remodelers about which renovations will earn you the most “bang” for your buck.The Valley pros at Apollo Builders recommend updating old and out of style kitchens. New or refinished cabinets, countertops and floors can increase the value of your home dollar for dollar in some cases.Apollo President Tyler Kestner says kitchens are starting to play a bigger role in day-to-day family.”That is why I think you see the designs changing to great rooms, where it incorporates the kitchen into the living room and the family room, because that’s where most people spend most of their time, and this is where you get the best return for you investment,” Kestner said.Apart from the kitchen, according to Kestner, remodeling the master bathroom is anything but flushing money down the toilet.

New sink faucets, lighting fixtures, mirrors and counter tops are all affordable solutions to homeowners wanting a fresh look.

“If they want to go a little bit deeper into the remodel, then installing tile or some natural stone in the shower would be a great idea, as well as replacing their flooring.”

Extensive renovations can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars, to tens of thousands. The choice is up to the homeowner.